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Malawi Information Directory

General Information

Malawi is a land-locked country in Africa bordered by Tanzania, Mozambique and ZambiaMalawi has been described as "Africa for beginners" due to its small size and relative safety. The beauty of this country, the diversity of its environment and the friendliness of its people ensures that tourists to Malawi will always return.

The main languages spoken here are English and Chichewa, with the majority of the population being Christian.  The months of May to August are usually the cool and dry season, while September to mid-November can be hot and dry, and then hot and wet mid-November to April.  The best times to visit Malawi would be during the dry season from May to mid-November. 

The most profound feature of Malawi would have to be Lake Malawi. It was come upon by Dr David Livingstone approximately 150 years ago and is the third-largest lake in Africa. With its gleaming mass of water, secret inlets and unspoilt beaches, it is a sight to behold. Lake Malawi is one of the best freshwater diving areas in the world and also one of the cheapest spots in which to learn how to dive.

Another great feature of Malawi would have to be Mount Mulanje. Standing tall between the clouds Mt Mulanje towers over the country providing endless activities from hiking to horse trails.  Please note that the weather on the mountain is very unpredictable and caution must be taken when venturing on any excursions.

Dancing is an important social and cultural element for Malawians and most dances hold their roots in traditional beliefs and customs.  Malawi is known for their friendly people and welcoming atmosphere to all.

Activities in Malawi

Malawi has five national parks and four wildlife reserves. While the safaris will not deliver the Big Five, tourists will be able to get close to many impressive animals, with exclusive prime viewing in areas of genuine wilderness. Black Rhino have successfully been re-introduced in Liwonde and Majete with there being a large elephant population in all protected areas.

This country has a great variety of birds, with over 650 recorded species and will provide superb opportunities for the avid bird watcher.  Please see the activities directory for more information on all that there is on offer.

Accommodation in Malawi

In almost every town there is a form of accommodation which varies from basic to the more luxurious. From the bustling capital city of Lilongwe to the shores of Lake Malawi, there is sure to be a place that is perfect for you. Many places also offer campsites and backpacker hostels are dotted all over the countryside Here you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy Africa’s wildlife at its best. See the accommodation directory for what is available.  

Restaurants in Malawi

If you’re looking for a truly unique dining experience, head to the capital city of Lilongwe, where you’ll find a variety of restaurants to choose from. For a taste of Malawian culture, try the local favourite, nsima, a type of cornmeal porridge that is served with vegetables or meat. For something more familiar, there are plenty of options for international cuisine. No matter what your taste buds are craving, you’re sure to find something to enjoy at one of the many great restaurants in Malawi.

Business Directory

There are a range of businesses in Malawi, please see the business directory for a list of options, or add your own free business listing.



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